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As our Governing Philosophy implies, we ask that you acknowledge the following reasons for use of the Close facilities during your stay.
  1. You, as the contact person, are responsible for informing all of your group concerning the facilities.
  2. The Close is dedicated to Christ as an avenue for building a relationship with Him and understanding His will for our lives as well as witnessing the evidence of God's glory through His creation.
  3. All retreatants must register at the gatehouse prior to proceeding to the cabins.
  4. All groups must bring drinking water.  Water supplied at the Close is acceptable for bathing and washing.
  5. Each retreatant is responsible for their own lines - sheets, pillows, pillow cases, towels and wash clothes.  All beds are twin size.
  6. NO PETS.
  7. Deer Ticks and Dog Ticks are prevalent during the Spring and Summer months.  Deer flies are also a problem during the first 2 weeks in June.  You may want to bring a repellent  during your stay.
  8. Contact Person acknowledges that he/she has not reserved this request date until a reservation form and check is received by The Close.  The reservation system is on a first come, first served basis.
  9. All groups must dispose of trash into the dumpster located at the barn.  Do Not place outside of buildings.
  10. Please Note:  Sunday Check Out is at 8:30 AM.   This allows personnel to attend morning worship services.  Check Out on other days is at 12:00 PM.  Special check out times may be honored according to retreat schedule.