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Bird songs and calls of Canadian Geese fill the cool morning air. An occasional front rushes through and warmer air fills the void. The river continues to speak of itís power and the thunder begins to roll in the distance. The rustle of life begins anew as if rising from a restful night of tranquil sleep. It is a busy time of year on the Cumberland Plateau.

The weather is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the season. Daytime temperatures range from the 30ís to the 70ís and average around 65. Night time temps, however, can fall into the 20ís but generally stay around 40. Mid Spring ushers in rain and thunderstorms which continue to recharge the earth before the dry Summer months. A surprise snowfall is not unexpected as Spring nears itís mid point. Summer heat and humidity begins setting in by June and lasts until September.

Transient birds and water fowl as well as native wildlife are plentiful. Deer, Rabbits, Squirrels, Raccoons, Turkey, and other wildlife forage on new vegetation and leftover nuts and seeds. Mice begin to ramble in the meadows. Red wing blackbirds and geese make their way back to the ponds and marsh areas. Wood ducks and Ring Neck ducks make their way through the area settling briefly on the ponds that lie on The Close. And, of course, fishing is a relaxing activity throughout the day.

We have prepared a bit of information to help you plan for your stay at The Close:

Early Spring (Mid March - Mid April):
A cozy cabin awaits the end of daily activities during this cool start to the season. It is a good time for hot cocoa, journalling, reading, study and prayer. Tufted Titmouse and Goldfinch are still common along the woodland edges. Woodpeckers, Purple Finch, Cardinals, and Robins can be seen in abundance. Remote areas on the Close and the National Forest are still accessible. However, be careful on wet days when you are near the bluffs and steep hills. Please inform us when you plan to venture into the surrounding woodlands. You will need to dress in layers. Non-cotton garments are recommended with layers of wool and or fleece. A rain shell should be worn over your clothing or, at least, carried with you. Remember gloves and toboggan to cover your skin. Keep your feet warm and dry with liner socks, wool socks, and waterproof boots.

Mid Spring (Late April - Late May):
Daylight hours continue to lengthen and woodland rambles are pleasant, although gnats and ticks begin to flourish. It is still a great time for restful sleep, reading, journalling and communion with Christ.

Late Spring (Late May - Late June):
Warm, humid air begins to replace the cool dry air until Autumn. Morning and evening fog blankets the ridge saddles and surrounding gorge until the sun burns the moisture off the following day. It is still a good time to be out. So bring your camera, Bible, book and sketch pad.

A Spring packing list should include: Wool Socks, Liner Socks, Boots, Dry clothes for cabin wear, Hangers to hang wet clothes, wool, and fleece layering garments, Cotton undergarments and outer garments in late spring. Remember gloves, water repellent shell, food, zip lock bags, camera, binoculars, blankets, sleeping bags, twin size bed linens, clothes for warmer days, strong storage containers, drinking water, drink mixes, Bible, journal, pencil, drawing supplies, note pad, and other items specific to your goals on retreat.

Donít forget your insect repellent or dress to keep these pests away from your skin.

Spring is in the air and a fresh look is coming to the Close. Cozy rooms with little distractions make for a fulfilling stay throughout the season.