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Temperature and weather varies in Autumn. We are blessed with cooler nights and warm, pleasant days. There are also a good deal of foraging native and transient birds and water fowl. Deer and turkey come foraging on nuts and seeds. Late autumn gives us cool days and cold, dark evenings with little or no pests. It is a very quiet time of year. There are greater chances for outdoor activities throughout the season.

Here is a condensed list of things to consider when you stay at the Close this Fall. And, of course, we can provide you with up to date information to help you plan for your stay with a phone call..

Early Autumn (Mid September - Mid October):
Evenings are cooler with the promise of sitting around the campfire telling stories or having an in depth conversation in the confines of the cabins. Access to more remote areas on the Close and the National Forest become more possible. Foliage colors are beginning to show on many of the under-story trees and shrubs. You will need to dress warmly for evenings and bring cool clothing for warm days.

Remember, seed ticks are plentiful in the woods, so wear long pants tucked into heavy socks to provide skin protection when going into the forest. Bring allergy medications for ragweed and other plants or pests. Also, bring storage containers that will withstand critters as they will be more than eager to help themselves to your meal. Be aware of the possibility of snakes that gather on the roads in the evenings.

Mid Autumn (Mid October - Mid November):
Days and evenings are pleasant which provide great sleeping conditions. Foliage colors are vibrant, wildlife viewing is abundant, and pests are few. October and November are great times to be at the Close. You can smell the leaves in the air and hear approaching wildlife.

The weather is unpredictable from day to day. Critters are still finding places to live in the winter. Prepare for a wide variety of conditions, but a good campfire and smore’s liven up a cool evening.

Late Autumn (Mid November - Late December):
Cool days and ample viewing conditions give opportunities for exploration in the otherwise non-accessible areas around the Close. There are bluffs, valleys, waterfalls, rock houses, overlooks, and native vegetation to explore.

Rain and Fog is normal during this time of year. Watch for slippery areas and muddy conditions especially around cliff lines. Conditions often are good for outdoor photography.

An Autumn Packing List might include: Wool Socks, Liner Socks, Boots, Dry Clothes for cabin wear, Hangers to hang wet clothes, Polypropolene under garments for mid to late Autumn, Cotton undergarments for early Autumn, Fleece, Wool, Gloves, Water Repellent Outer Shell Clothing, Warm Meals, Zip Lock Bags, Camera, Binoculars, Bug Repellent, Camera, Binoculars, Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Cool Clothes for warm days, Strong Storage Containers, Food, Drinking Water, Drink Mixes, Twin bed linens, Bible, Journal, Pencil, Drawing Paper, Note Pad, and other items specific to your goals on retreat.